Patrick T. McLendon

Information Management Services

IMS Building
712 North 19th Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Provides service to all City of Birmingham Departments through information technology (IT) for greater efficiency in servicing the citizens of BirminghamIMS consists of the following divisions that serve the city and follows the IT Strategic Plan:

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is headed by the Director of Information Management Services. The director’s duties are to oversee all projects and activities of the department:  budget for all personnel, hardware and data processing supplies required for operation of all automation and communication systems for the City; budget and oversee the municipal response to non-emergency situations; plan and coordinate related projects and activities to insure continuity of development, implementation and maintenance of these systems as required by the Management Information Systems Strategic Master Plan, and as otherwise directed by the Mayor.

Systems Development Division

The Systems Development Division conducts studies of administrative systems for all departments, boards and agencies of the City to determine feasibility and applicability for improved manual systems, or for conversion to automation as required by the Director. Other responsibilities are to design automated systems, prepare computer programs and otherwise document systems for implementation on computer hardware.  This division also coordinates, supervises, implements and maintains computer systems with designated operations personnel of end-user departments to insure a smooth transition and efficient operation of automated systems.  Initial training of newly implemented automation systems is conducted by this division.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for providing mainframe hardware and system software support and operating all automation systems in accordance with approved procedures and schedules to insure accurate and timely reporting to end-user agencies. The Operations division provides required training for the operation of computer devices installed in end-user areas for automated applications; performs system software maintenance to insure accurate reporting; monitors systems and performance to ensure adequacy of hardware, facilities, and response times and makes recommendation for corrective action pertaining to deficiencies identified with operational systems.

Telecommunications/AV/Radio Division

The Telecommunications Division is responsible for timely diagnosis, repair and restoration of telecommunications systems and networks components for the City of Birmingham. The division also provides additional technical services to the City, such as system planning, installation, testing programming and any other such services as are required to assure reliable telecommunications support for the City of Birmingham.  The division installs and repairs all mobile and portable radios, equips all public safety vehicles and other City departments with radios, light bars, sirens and other ancillary equipment.


IT Governance & Data Analytic


The IT Governance & Data Analytics Division establishes policies, standards, guidelines and procedures for the COB-IMS and other departments to abide by, while incorporating the COB IT Strategy and overall business objectives.