Nelvin Short
Deputy Director of Telecommunications/AV/Radio

Telecommunications Division

Provides connectivity for all City departments by utilizing the latest technologies such as Voice of Internet Protocol (VOIP), Ethernet, Wireless-WiFi, and Cellular.

  • Manages ¬†(VOIP) communications citywide.
  • Manages fiber wide area network for data connectivity citywide.
  • Manages internet and wi-fi connectivity Citywide.
  • Manages¬†Citywide cable t.v.
  • Manages and supports voice and data wireless connectivity using cellular technologies to support Public Safety personnel and other City departments.

Radio Division

Provide support for Public Safety personnel and other departments with expertise associated with our Radio System, In Car Video Solutions, Two-way radios and other mobile technologies.

  • Manages the Motorola Radio System database and Subscriber units for Public Safety.
  • Manages and assists with installation and repair of lighting and mobile technologies in Public Safety vehicles.
  • Manages and support our mobile two way radio system to support all City departments.

Audio/Video Division

Provide management and support of our Audio/Video Systems Citywide.

  • Manages and assists with Audio/Video requirements of all City departments.
  • Manages and supports the City privately owned fiber network.