Community Development

The Department of Community Development administers the City’s Housing and Urban Development Grants, applies to relevant grants, conducts plan implementation, strategic community and neighborhood assessments, community outreach, and code enforcement.

Since the April 27, 2011, tornado outbreak the City of Birmingham has worked diligently with various organizations and citizens who were directly and indirectly impacted by the natural disaster.  These efforts include the very interactive R/UDAT Planning effort. The City of Birmingham has worked hard to determine the greatest disaster recovery needs and how to address those needs.  These interactions have been useful in the past and shall continue to be beneficial in the future.  Through public comments and interactions with the citizens of the affected area, the City of Birmingham has determined the critical need for assistance to repair homes, public facilities, and infrastructures.

The City has made available this partial Action Plan with proposed amendments in Attachment J on its website at at the Birmingham Public Library and at the Birmingham City Hall located at 710 20th Street North Room 1000 Birmingham, Al 35203.  The City will receive comments on this partial Action Plan and will include all comments in the Final submittal to HUD.  The comment period will be open for a minimum of seven days beginning on August 18, 2015 and closing on August 28, 2015.

Comments may be submitted via email at, by fax at 205-254-2717, or in writing to the following address:

Community Development Department

Disaster Recovery Comments

City Hall/Room 1000

710 20th Street North

Birmingham, AL  35203

The City will consider all timely written views and comments received in the development of its CDBG-DR Action Plan.


2017 Action Plan and Application:

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