Darryl Burroughs
Deputy Director of Operations


Business Unit Support

Providing support across the enterprise to ensure the delivery of services to all departments with priority provided to: Police, Fire, 911, Courts, Tax/Revenue & Fiance to ensure protection and service to the citizens and city’s employees.

Data Center Operation

A harden environment that houses our 24 x 7 high availability, redundant, and secure environment, that services as the nucleus for hosting all systems and applications on a virtual Windows and SQL platform.


The City enterprise is protected by a host of internal security mechanisms. Our on premises network systems team is supported by manged security services and a state of art offsite Network Operations Center providing 24/7/365 visualization of our infrastructure for Security Information and Event Management.

Software Support

Microsoft SQL Server, Office 365 and technical support to all enterprise E.R.P applications.

Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P)

Monitoring systems to track performance of all production, database, applications and systems to ensure end user ease of use of all E.R.P systems.

Network Operations

Monitoring systems and the data center environment, report logging, alert review of production services environment for problem coordination and resolution.

Help Desk

Serves as the nerve center for problem resolution and service delivery for the enterprise. All tickets are measured against SLA’s to ensure excellence in customer service by setting customer expectations and delivering to promise.

Disaster Recovery

Phase one of our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS) provides for the replication of our production VM enterprise to fail over to a cloud computing environment for business continuity.