Birmingham Comprehensive Plan Appendix

Future Land Use Plan by Community

Blight Elimination and Code Enforcement

  1. How Community Progress Can Help You
  2. Turning Vacant Spaces into Vibrant Places
  3. New Orleans Code Enforcement System
  4. The Reinvestment Fund: Real Estate Market Analysis
  5. Cleveland – Ideas to Action
  6. Cleveland Vacant Land Pattern Book
  7. Cleveland Data Warehouse for Blight
  8. Managing Foreclosures and Vacant Properties
  9. Smart Management and the Turnaround of a City
  10. Cleveland Vacant Properties Decision Tree

Market Reports for Five Locations

  1. Carraway-Norwood
  2. Ensley
  3. Five Points West
  4. Parkway East
  5. Woodlawn

Community Audit and Sustainability Tools

  1. STAR Community Rating System
  2. EPA – Sustainable Design and Green Building Toolkit
  3. EPA – A Citizen’s Guide to Phytoremediation
  4. Selecting and Using Phytoremediation for Site Cleanup

Arts and Culture in Redevelopment

  1. Creative Placemaking
  2. Culture Clash: Addressing Conventional Urban Challenges Through Unconventional Partnerships
  3. Developing Artist-driven Spaces In Marginalized Communities

Foundation and Grant Resources

  1. Cities for Empowerment Fund
  2. About – CFE
  3. About- Enterprise Communities
  4. LISC – Building Sustainable Communities
  5. Surdna Foundation – Sustainable Environments
  6. Surdna Foundation -Strong Local Economies
  7. Surdna Foundation – Thriving Cultures
  8. W.K Kellogg Foundation – What We Support
  9. Ford Foundation – Connecting People to Opportunity
  10. Ford Foundation – Expanding Access to Quality Housing
  11. Ford Foundation – Promoting Metropolitan Land Use Innovation
  12. What We Can Do For Your City
  13. Federal Funding Matrix 2-19-2013

Conference for Neighborhoods

  1. Sugggestions For The Birmingham Neighborhoods Conference