Magistrates Office

Magistrate Supervisor, Enforcementgavel
Mary Hunter
P: (205) 718-8263

The Magistrate Office is located at 808 18th Street North, Birmingham, AL. 35203. Hours of operation are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday for the public.

The magistrate will ask numerous questions in the establishment of probable cause. Your failure to answer truthfully will hamper the possibility of issuing a warrant.

Once a warrant is issued, the warrant will not be withdrawn nor dropped.

Issuance of an Arrest Warrant:

  • One must obtain a copy of the incident report from the Birmingham Police Department; 1710 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203 . If you have ONLY have a case number, that will NOT BE ENOUGH information for the deposition hearing.
  • One must complete an Affidavit prior to talking to a magistrate.
  • The WITNESS MUST BE PRESENT and ANY DOCUMENTATION to assist in establishing probable cause.
  • One must provide a name (first and last) with a valid address.
  • A deposition will be taken by the magistrate.
  • The hearing magistrate will establish probable cause.
  • If probable cause has been established, a warrant will be issued and the defendant will be subject to arrest. If probable cause cannot be established at that time a victim has one year from the time of incident to present sufficient evidence to establish probable cause and can reschedule another probable cause hearing.
  • If the warrant is for criminal mischief, one must have an estimate of the damages for the purposes of restitution.
  • One must have documentation of ownership of the vehicle for unauthorized use of a vehicle.