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Mayors of the City of Birmingham

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Birmingham City Hall
710 North 20th Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2216
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2216
Phone: 205-254-2771
FAX: 205-254-2926

1871-1873 Robert Henley
1873-1875 J. R. Powell
1875-1878 W. H. Morris
1878-1878 H. M. Caldwell
1878-1882 Thomas Jeffers
1882-1888 A. O. Lane
1888-1890 B. A. Thompson
1890-1892 A. O. Lane
1892-1894 David J. Fox
1894-1896 J. A. Van Hoose
1896-1899 F. V. Evans
1899-1905 W. M. Brennen
1905-1908 George B. Ward
1908-1910 Frank P. O’Brien
1910-1913 Culpepper Exum
(All Deceased)

When the form of Government changed from Mayor and Alderman to Commission Form of Government, Culpepper Exum was Mayor and served his unexpired term as President of the Commission up to November, 1913.

1913-1917 George B. Ward, President of Commission
1917-1921 D. H. A. Barrett
1921-1925 D. E. McClendon
1935-1940 J. M. Jones, Jr.
1940-1953 Cooper Green
1953-1957 J. W. Morgan
1957-1961 J. W. Morgan
1961-1963 Art Hanes
(All Deceased)

The form of Government changed from Commission to Mayor and nine Council Members on April 15, 1963. But both the Commissioners and the Mayor and nine Council Members served for eight weeks until a court decision was rendered on May 23, 1963. Five members of the Council are elected every two years.

1963-1967 Albert Boutwell Mayor (deceased)
1967-1971 George G. Seibels, Jr., Mayor (deceased)
1971-1975 George G. Seibels, Jr., Mayor (deceased)
1975-1979 David Vann, Mayor (deceased)
1979-1983 Richard Arrington, Jr., Mayor (First Black Mayor)
1983-1987 Richard Arrington, Jr., Mayor
1987-1991 Richard Arrington, Jr., Mayor
1991-1995 Richard Arrington, Jr., Mayor
1995-1999 Richard Arrington, Jr., Mayor Resigned in 1999
1999-1999 William A. Bell, Interim Mayor
1999-2003 Bernard Kincaid, Mayor (Sworn in November 4, 1999)
2003- 2007 Bernard Kincaid, Mayor
2007-2009 Larry P. Langford, Mayor
October 28 – November 24, 2009 Carole C. Smitherman, Interim Mayor
November 24, 2009- January 25, 2010 Roderick V. Royal, Interim Mayor
January 26, 2010 – November 27th, 2017 William A. Bell Sr., Mayor

November 28th, 2017 – Present Randall Woodfin, Mayor