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Overview of Birmingham Xpress

The Birmingham Xpress (BX) is a new, regional public transit system that will serve the communities of Birmingham and surrounding areas. BX will employ Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) technology to provide a high-quality public transit system that delivers fast, reliable and cost-effective mobility services for citizens and visitors. The Birmingham Xpress BRT Project will connect 25 neighborhoods to opportunities and vital services along its corridor. In addition, enable citizens to reach employment, educational, and healthcare centers. It will also provide access for visitors to explore Birmingham’s historic and cultural locations. BX will implement innovative system designs and technologies to improve travel time, lower costs, and enhance service appeal. These objectives are accomplished by:

  • Dedicated Busway & Alignment
  • Intersection Treatments (Signal Priority)
  • Vehicle Design
  • Platform-Level-Boarding Stations
  • Off-board Ticketing/Fare Collection
  • Enhanced Transit Service
  • Rider Appeal (Branding)
  • Land Use Coordination (TOD)

Think light-rail transit on rubber tires – BRT can travel as fast as light rail, but at approximately one-third of the construction costs.

Public benefits of the new transit service will be wide-ranging and include Economic Competitiveness, Quality of Life, Safety Improvements, Environmental Sustainability, and improvement in Transportation State of Good Repair.

Overview of the BRT Project

The City of Birmingham, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA), is developing the first alignment for Birmingham Xpress regional vision. The project, referred to as Birmingham Xpress BRT Project or simply BRT or BRT Project, will be developed in a corridor approximately ten (10) miles between the east and west termini or Transit Centers in the Woodlawn Community and Five Points West Community near Birmingham Crossplex. Running through Birmingham’s Jones Valley along the US11 corridor, the BRT will update Birmingham’s inner-city public transit system by connecting 25 neighborhoods, while serving major employers such as Integrated Medical Systems, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), and Brookwood Princeton Medical Center. The route travels from the Woodlawn Transit Center on 1st Avenue N between 56th and 57th Street to the Crossplex Transit Center at the Intersection of Avenue W and 47th Street Ensley.

The new BX alignment will replace BJCTA’s MAX services that currently operate within the corridor, greatly improving reliability, mobility, capacity and operations on one of BJCTA’s highest ridership corridors. The travel time between Woodlawn and Crossplex is estimated to be just under an hour.

New high-capacity, low- or no-emission rapid buses will feature low-floor level boarding; and operate in both dedicated lanes (guideways) and in mixed traffic on 15-minute intervals (headways) during peak periods (30 minutes in off-peak periods and on weekends). Other rapid bus features include self-securing wheelchair parking, on-board bike racks, spacious seating, and automatic vehicle location (AVL) and transit signal priority (TSP) technologies. BRT stations will feature a high-level of amenities with platform boarding, ticket validation (some with ticket vending machine [TVM]), contemporary shelters with lighting, passenger information displays, maps and wayfinding, bicycle parking with some locations and other features. Thirty-two (32) stops and two (2) transit centers are strategically located along the corridor.

For more information about the Birmingham Xpress and Birmingham Xpress BRT Project, you may contact our office at (205)254-2503 or via email at denise.bell@birminghamal.gov.