Traffic Engineering

Gregory Dawkins, P.E, City Traffic Engineer

Traffic Engineering Department

City Hall 9th Floor

710 North 20th St.

Birmingham, Alabama 35203 



  The Traffic Engineering Department designs, constructs, and maintains an effective traffic system throughout the City of Birmingham to minimize accidents and ensure safe, efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and commodities for the citizens and visitors of Birmingham. Main Office: 205-254-2450 Malfunctioning Traffic Signal: 205-254-6324 Missing or Damaged Traffic Sign: 205-254-6341 Street Light Out: 205-254-2450 Traffic Engineering provides services to the public to ensure the safe, efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians and commodities throughout the City. Those services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The installation and maintenance of traffic systems, roadway lighting, traffic parking control signs, pavement markings and parking meters;
  • Making recommendations for intersection improvements to the Public Improvements Committee;
  • Coordination of traffic studies in response to citizens’ complaints, as well as preparing safety routes for schools and advising school officials on the placement of school guards.

Safe Routes to School

Bush Hills 

Bush Hills (443 KiB)

Charles Brown 

Charles Brown (367 KiB)


Christian (306 KiB)


Hudson (398 KiB)

Huffman Academy

Huffman Academy (384 KiB)

Martha Gaskins 

Martha Gaskins (347 KiB)


Oliver (368 KiB)

Oxmoor Valley

Oxmoor Valley (372 KiB)


Princeton (361 KiB)

South Hampton

South Hampton (365 KiB)

Sun Valley

Sun Valley (431 KiB)



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