Stormwater Annual Reports

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The City of Birmingham, while previously a supporting member agency of the Stormwater Management Authority, (SWMA) Inc. in October 2001, was issued a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Phase I permit required under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, 33 U.S.C. §1251-1378, the Alabama Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, Code of Alabama 1975, §22-22-1 to 22-22-14, the Alabama Environmental Management Act, as amended, Code of Alabama 1975, §22-22A-1 to 22-22a-15, and associated rules and regulations adopted there under.  This permit authorizes the City to discharge storm water from its drainage infrastructure in accordance with its approved Storm Water Management Program Plan. Although the City of Birmingham is no longer a member agency of SWMA, it is still bound by permit condition to prepare an annual system-wide report, which must be submitted to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management no later than December 28 of each fiscal reporting year (October 1 to September 30).  The annual report is required to include sections of: Contacts List; Program Evaluation; Summary Table; Narrative Report; Summary of Proposed Modifications; Fiscal Analysis; and Appendices.  The report is a good representation of the state and condition of the City of Birmingham’s stormwater program, including areas where refocus may be needed to improve the overall quality of the City’s receiving waters.


2015-2016 Annual Report

Appendix A- Major Findings

Appendix B- Major Accomplishments

Appendix C- Water Quality

Appendix D- Education and Outreach

Appendix E- SW Program Strengths & Weaknesses

2014-2015 Annual Report

Appendix A- Water Quality

Official Water Quality Data 20152015 Basin Outfalls Map

Village Creek Dieldrin Final Report

Village Creek TMDL

Village Creek TMDL Analysis

Wade Sand & Gravel DMR May 2015

Wade Sand & Gravel DMR

Water Quality Strategy

Attachment I

Attachment II 

Attachment III

Attachment IV

Valley Creek (headwater)

Little Cahaba

Lower Cahaba River

Shades Creek

Five Mile Creek (upper)

Village Creek (upper)

Attachment V

Valley Creek (headwater)

Lower Cahaba River

Shades Creek

Five Mile (upper)

Village Creek (upper)

Attachment VI

Attachment VII

Attachment VIII

Birmingham Airport Drainage

Jefferson County Unpermitted Discharges

Valley Creek IDDE Sampling Locations

Valley Creek Storm Sewer Sampling Locations

Village Creek Stream Assessment Report 

Appendix B-Regulatory

Pathogen TMDL Letter from ADEM

SPO Organization Chart

Zoning Ordinance

Appendix C-Framework & Planning

Comprehensive Plan

North Birmingham Framework Plan

Titusville Community Framework Plan

Western Community Framework Plan

Appendix D-Education and Outreach

Core Leadership Handout

Put a Lid on It Brochure

Put a Lid on It Interlocal Agreement

Stormwater Brochure

Stormwater Calendar

Appendix E-Development Control.

Black & Veatch Post Development Control

Proposal for RESES

Appendix F-Industrial and High Risk

City of Birmingham Facilities & Properties