Birmingham’s Flood Related Services


Below are many of the services offered by the City of Birmingham Floodplain Management and Disaster Mitigation Services Office:

  • Public Information Program (Community Outreach)
  • Flood Protection and retrofitting advice
  • Flood related financial assistance advice
  • Flood Insurance Information
  • Flood Warning System Program in conjunction with the Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency
  • Warn residents and agencies of impending floodwaters on major rivers so they can take action and prepare before serious flooding occurs. In most locations, the warning system provides at least 2 hours lead time before floodwaters reach damaging levels. This program does not take the place of individuals and local groups making their own flood disaster plans.
  • Wind Protection
  • Community Safe Rooms
  • Long term recovery
  • Floodplain Property Protection
  • Elevation and Flood Proofing Certificates
  • Maintain elevation and flood proofing certificates on file for all approved developments.
  • Map Determinations and Flood Zone Information
  • Flood Protection Library
  • Drainage System Maintenance
  • All Hazards Awareness Week
  • Implement City-wide Flood Mitigation/Storm Water Management Plan
  • Acquisition and Relocation
  • Low Density Zoning
  • Computerized Flood Data Maintenance
  • Debris Removal Advice and Assistance
  • Flood Insurance and financial assistance information

Click for more information on how to obtain flood insurance and financial assistance information.

Floodplain Management and Disaster Mitigation Services can provide information to residents and other inquirers from the FIRM and other related sources.