Drainage Protection



Birmingham’s drainage system is composed of streams, lakes, wetlands, food detention sites, pipes and ditches which has been designed to hold and carry water during storms to prevent flooding. However, when intense storms hit and overwhelm the system, flooding can occur. Flooding can cause property damage and streambank erosion.

Do not dump trash, grass clippings, wood, Christmas trees, large rocks or other debris into streams, lakes, rivers or drainage ditches, which can block the flow of water. Section 11-3-23 of the Birmingham City Code prohibits “criminal littering” in any public or private waters or property. If you see dumping or debris in any of the private or public waters, contact the Department of Public Works at (205) 254-6314 or call 311, as the debris may increase flooding on your property.

Remember every piece of debris, such as garbage, tires, lumber, furniture and appliances, can obstruct the flow of waters that can cause overflows onto roads and yards. Even grass clippings and branches can accumulate and plug channels that may also result in an overflow. If your property is next to a lake, stream or drainage structure, please do your part and keep the banks and inlets clear of brush and trash.