General Accounting

Finance Department
City Hall-1st Floor
710 North 20th Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

General Accounting Division

The General Accounting Division is responsible for the accurate and timely recording and reporting of all financial activity of the City of Birmingham; for the processing of payments to vendors who provide goods and services to City departments and agencies; for the billing and maintenance of accounts receivable; for the processing of payroll for City employees and pension payments to retirees and beneficiaries as well as associated fringe benefit payments for both classes.

General Accounting has the following responsibilities:

  • Process payroll for City employees on a bi-weekly basis. Direct deposit is available to those employees wishing to take advantage of this option.
  • Process pension checks to retirees and beneficiaries on a monthly basis. Direct deposit is also available.
  • Process payments to vendors on a weekly basis in accordance with established procedures and legal requirements.
  • Provide timely financial information to all departmental managers.
  • Prepare the City’s comprehensive annual financial report and submit for the annual “Certificate of Achievement”.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain accounting control systems to ensure compliance with established procedures.
  • Ensure compliance of accounting requirements for Federal and State grants.
  • Maintain the fixed assets and real property inventory.
  • Grant compliance and monitoring.

The City of Birmingham now accepts credit and debit card payments through
GovPayNet. Payments can be made with a major credit, debit
or prepaid debit card

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