Cash and Investment Office

Aaron Saxton , C&I Manager
Finance Department
City Hall-1st Floor
710 North 20th Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Cash and Investment Management Division

The Finance Department, through the Cash and Investment Management Division, manages the receipt, deposit, and investment of the majority of the City’s cash. Outside managers are utilized for the Retirement and Relief Fund, the Endowment Fund, and a portion of the Debt Service Fund. A computerized Cash and Investment Management System (CIMS) has been in use since 1985. CIMS is based upon a consolidated bank account concept which takes full advantage of investing all idle cash.

Debt Administration

The issuance and administration of debt is a major activity of the City. The ratio of net bonded debt assessed valuation and the amount of bonded debt per capita are useful indicators of the City’s debt position to management, citizens, and investors. Although Birmingham’s general obligation debt is payable from general revenues backed by the full faith and credit of the City which secures this indebtedness, it has been a long standing debt management policy to set aside proceeds from a 9.2 mill ad valorem tax for this purpose. These funds are maintained in a “Sinking Fund” where, along with interest earnings, they are used for the payment of principal and interest on the City’s outstanding general obligation debt.

Bond Rating

The City has a AA bond rating with three rating agencies; Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poors.

2008 Fund Investor Report

Bham Fund Inv Rpt Sept 08 (2.47 MiB)

December 2008 Fund Investor Report 

Investment Report – December 2008 (7.06 MiB)

2009 March Birmingham Fund

2009 March Birmingham Fund (19.31 MiB)

September 2009 Birmingham Fund

September 2009 Birmingham Fund (8.43 MiB)

December 2009 Birmingham Fund 

December 2009 Birmingham Fund (7.17 MiB)

1st Quarter 2010 Birmingham Fund Report

1st Quarter 2010 Birmingham Fund Report (7.17 MiB)

1st Quarter 2013 Birmingham Fund Report

1st Quarter 2013 Birmingham Fund Report (2.24 MiB)

2nd Quarter 2013 Birmingham Fund Report

2nd Quarter 2013 Birmingham Fund Report (1.28 MiB)