City Clerk

Lee Frazier
Office of the City Clerk
710 North 20th Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Main Office: 205-254-2290
Administration: 205-254-2290
Records Maintenance: 205-254-2296
Records Management: 205-254-2291

The City Clerk’s Office serves as the technical administrative liaison for all official actions between the City Council and Mayor, as provided by State law and City code. The City Clerk directs the preparation of the weekly Council agenda, attends all Council meetings, officially certifies actions taken by the Council for approval or veto by the Mayor, attests to the correctness of documents executed by the Mayor and Council and certifies such matters to various City departments and appropriate agencies.The City Clerk also maintains all City records and documents, including official minutes, resolutions and ordinances of the weekly Council meetings. Permanent files are kept of all City contracts, agreements, franchises, property deeds, City board and agency appointments and expiration notices and insurance policies and bonds required by City regulations. The City Clerk serves as secretary of the City election commission, with the clerk’s staff being responsible for conducting and canvassing all City elections.


Services provided:

  • Preparation of the weekly council agenda;
  • Maintaining a permanent journal of City Council meetings and oversight of a system of permanent records of all resolutions, ordinances, and other official actions by the council;
  • Certification of all actions of the Council for approval or veto by the Mayor;
  • Maintenance of a permanent file of all City contracts, agreements, deeds, board appointments, insurance policies, bonds and other vital documents;
  • Prepares official transcripts of City documents required by the courts of law or City officials;
  • Prepares and publishes all required legal advertisements and public notices of City business;
  • Provides official notice to property owners of public improvements and public assessments;
  • Receives and records all official claims and legal actions against the City;
  • Provides the general public and public agencies with access to official city records originating out of the meetings of City Council.

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2017 Election Information

Next Election:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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