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Tailgating at the 2019 Magic City Classic? Here’s what you need to know

Online slots for Magic City Classic tailgating will open on Thursday, Sept. 19 at 12:01 p.m. Applicants are limited to 2 slots per transaction. Each space will cost $140, and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To sign up for a space, please visit here 

What to know about tailgating at the 2019 Magic City Classic at Legion Field

All tailgating will be sold and managed by Legion Field.

If you have any questions, please contact Legion Field at (205) 254-2391

If you did not secure tailgating spots online, some will be sold, starting on Monday, Oct. 21, 2019 at 8 a.m. at Legion Field. They will be available until all spaces are filled.

The Monday, Oct. 21 entry fee will be $ 210. The Tuesday, Oct. 22 entry fee will be $ 175. The Wednesday, Oct. 23 entry fee will be $ 140.

Please remember the following:

Tents and RVs must fit within the designated area (20’x40′) and there can only be:

one car and one  RV


two cars and one – 10×10 tent within the recreational spaces.

Here’s what you need to know about renting portable toilets:

HHH Sanitation, Inc. will be the sole provider of all portable toilets, hand wash stations, and RV pump services. Call 205-841-7368 for more information. Due to pedestrian safety, HHH Sanitation, Inc. will be unable to deliver portable toilets to Legion Field after 3 pm on Friday, Oct. 25. There will be no deliveries on Saturday, Oct. 26.

Pre-paid orders are being accepted for portable toilets. Payment is due in full upon order. All major credit cards accepted ($1.00 convenience charge added). Please place orders in advance with HHH Sanitation, Inc. Fees are listed below:



RV PUMP SERVICE – $35 per service




Tailgating guidelines:

All tents and RVs must fit within the designated tailgating area (20′ x 40′). Additionally, there can only be one (1) car and one (1) RV OR two (2) cars and (1) 10’x10′ tent within the recreational spaces.

Vehicle must remain in the tailgating space at all times with the parking decal visibly displayed and affixed to the driver’s side windshield. Any vehicle without a parking decal adequately displayed on the driver’s side windshield will be removed at the owner’s expense.

For safety reasons, a generator exhaust riser is required for those using gas or diesel-powered generators, RVs, and trailers and will be enforced for any vehicles exhibiting obvious exhaust fumes which may pose a threat to general health and safety of our patrons.

Fire lanes must be maintained at all times. Any automobiles, tents, or RVs blocking fire lanes will be removed. Any vehicle removed will be towed by a wrecker service. All expenses for towing and storage shall be transferred to the owner. There will be no refunds for this violation.

You will NOT BE allowed to return to the parking lot without your parking pass. If you leave the tailgate parking lot for any reason, you must return to the parking lot by 8:00 am on game day to guarantee re-entry.

Tailgating spaces may not be saved or roped off.

Policies will be strictly enforced

No stages or tractor trailers will be allowed in the parking lots

You will not be allowed re-entry into the lot unless your vehicle has a parking decal (NO EXCEPTIONS)

For all questions regarding tailgating please contact 205.254.2391

Parking for tailgating visitors:

Patrons visiting tailgaters must use Lot J, off of Graymont Avenue. The price for parking in this lot will be $5.00 per vehicle.

Lot J hours prior to game day:

Thursday, October 24th 5:00pm-midnight

Friday, October 25th 5:00pm – 12:00 midnight

*Any vehicle left after the times listed above each day will be towed at owner’s expense.

Gameday parking:

Gameday parking is extremely limited at Legion Field Stadium. Additional parking is available at off site locations. 

If you have any questions, please contact Legion Field directly: Click here to view shuttle details.