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Everything you need to know about the 100 Homes, 100 Days program

Public response to the City of Birmingham’s “100 Homes, 100 Days” initiative has been tremendous since it was announced two weeks ago.

The initiative, which creates a partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS), will provide money from the city’s Neighborhood Revitalization Fund to make renovations for eligible residents selected from an application process.

Since the July 18 announcement, NHS has sent 2,000 applications to individuals requesting to be part of the initiative. NHS has already received 300 applications. Currently, 45 applicants have been approved and about 200 applications were incomplete.

To provide support for individuals interested in applying, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the 100 Homes 100 Days program? 

This is an owner-occupied home repair program for residents in the City of Birmingham. 

How do you qualify? 

All interested residents are asked to complete an application and return it along with all the required documentation to be considered for the program. 

What types of documentation are needed? 

Residents must provide proof of income, copy of mortgage deed and mortgage statement, proof of homeowners’ insurance, copy of driver’s license or state identification, copy of 2017 federal tax returns (if applicable), copy of most recent bank statement, and most recent copy of utility bill.

Additional information may also be needed: copy of marriage license, copy of death certificate (if spouse is deceased), copy of divorce decree (if divorced from spouse)

What if I’m a renter or I’m renting to own? Do I qualify? 

Renters or rent-to-own applicants do not qualify for the program.   

How do heir properties factor into the program? 

An heir property refers to land or a structure that has been passed down informally from generation to generation. It is not eligible for the program. Please contact legal services or your local probate office for assistance.  

What is the application process? 

All applications will be reviewed, then staff will notify those applicants who are approved for the program.   

Who is eligible for consideration?  

Homeowners must meet the eligible income requirement based on “number of household members.” In addition, homeowner must reside in the property (verified by name on the deed), Also, the house must be a single-family home and the homeowner a resident of the state of Alabama. The property must not be in active foreclosure. 

What does the remodeling work consist of?  

Remodeling work includes roof repair or replacement and gutters; heating, ventilation and air (HVAC); windows insulation, energy efficient windows, exterior doors, flooring, minor plumbing repair, painting (interior, exterior), cabinets, countertops, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, handicap accessible bathrooms (ADA), flooring and wheelchair ramps.

When does the ‘100 Days’ begin?  

To be determined. While the intake process is currently under way, the tentative date to start construction is Sept.  1, 2018, based on final details regarding contracts from the City of Birmingham.   

On average, how long will it take to complete repairs to one home? 

This can only be determined on a case by case basis and the scope of work to be performed at each residence.  

What happens to those applicants who don’t qualify for the program? 

This is contingent upon the reason for applicants who do not qualify. If the home is an heir property, then the proper channels via the probate court system will need to be taken to establish ownership for the primary resident.   

Applicants who do not receive assistance through the 100 Homes in 100 Days program due to funds being exhausted will be considered for assistance through NHS Birmingham’s Healthy Housing Initiative.  Applications will remain on file and active for 180 days.  

How long will this program last? 

The 100 Homes in 100 Days program will expire at the pleasure of Mayor Woodfin. The ongoing need after the 100 Days has expired will be addressed through NHS Birmingham’s Healthy Housing Initiative which will continue in perpetuity.  

Are there any excluded repairs?  

Major work including foundation repairs and major structural repairs; cosmetic repairs; emergency repairs; extensive damage due to fire or other substantial damage to home; major plumbing and sewer line repair; add-ons to existing homes including decks, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Interested applicants may contact NHS at (205) 328–4292 or via email at

Laborers interested in working on this endeavor should also contact NHS. See more at the 100 Homes in 100 Days website: