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City to Replace the Roofs of 15 Fire Stations over the Next 30 days

April Odom Mayor’s Office of Public Information

City to Replace the Roofs of 15 Fire Stations over the Next 30 days

The City of Birmingham will replace roofing on 15 different Fire Stations over the next 30 days as part of the Trane facility maintenance program conceived and proposed by Mayor William Bell and passed by the City Council in late 2016.

“The work of our public safety personnel is critical to the City every single day. We know that our Fire Stations are in need and we are doing everything that we can to update and restore them,” said Mayor William Bell.

Trane, Inc. was tasked with achieving energy savings of at least 20% each year. The work Trane, Inc. has recommended will achieve that goal.

“Trane audited 120 city-owned and occupied buildings to determine what changes could be made to make the buildings more energy efficient and save the City of Birmingham money in its utility bills,” said Sherri Nielson, Executive Assistant, Capital and Special Projects.

“All costs involved with these improvements will be paid for through guaranteed energy savings. If the savings projected by Trane, Inc. are not realized, Trane, Inc. will have to pay the City of Birmingham the difference,” continued Ms. Nielson.

Total Projects Price of all public facilities = $60.2 Million Energy savings over 20 years = $78.2 Million (Guaranteed) Energy and Operational Savings Over 20 Years = $100.2 Million

The plan includes the service costs over the 20-year period as provided by Trane, Inc. Trane, Inc. will also serve as the contractor on all of the work performed on the city-owned buildings. Work will continue throughout the City. Most public facilities will be improved in some way as a part of the overall plan.




Note: The Fire Stations are #21, #25, #15, #23, #28, #3, #7, #2, #26, #31, #11, #27, #1, #17 and #12.