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District 4 Receives $2 Million in a Federal Grant from the Federal Highway Administration for Woodlawn Streetscape

The Woodlawn Community will see a 2 phase street improvement project this year with federal funding secured this week. Phase 1 was funded last year via the Federal Highway Administration and programmed by the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

 Construction for the first phase of streetscape improvements (new sidewalks, trees, lighting, trash cans, etc.) in Woodlawn began last week.  The City of Birmingham has now secured federal funds from the Federal Highway Administration for a second phase of streetscaping and other pedestrian improvements for the Woodlawn area totaling an additional $2 Million. 

 “This will be a transformative project for the Woodlawn Community. This community is growing and thriving and we have great public and private partners throughout the area. This would not be possible without those partnerships and the Community and Neighborhood leadership,” said Mayor William Bell.

 “Phase II will make improvements along the following roadways:  1st Avenue North, 55th Street, 56th Street, 57th Street, 59th Street, and 61st Street.  In addition, Phase II will make some safety improvements for pedestrians along 1st Avenue South,” said District 4 City Councilor William Parker, “the community will see a great improvement in the area,” he continued. 

 The City has budgeted $2 million for Phase II.  The $1.6 million of federal funding will be matched with $400,000 from the City of Birmingham for the project.