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Environmental Commitment Statement

PROJECT:  HPP-1602 (510)

Finley Boulevard Extension from 26th Street (US-31) to 27th Avenue North

Jefferson County, Alabama

Environmental Commitment for EA/FONSI


Project commitments are as follows:

  • The Phase II cultural resources report covering the fieldwork conducted and the background history of the Sloss North Furnace complex (Site 1Je808) will be placed on The Alabama Department of Transportation’s website and the Alabama Historical Commission’s website. A request will be made to place the Phase II cultural resources report on the City of Birmingham’s website. Printed copies of this Phase II cultural resources report will be placed in locations selected by the Alabama State Historic Preservation Officer (ALSHPO) and staff to assist in dissemination of the history of this important resource.
  • A historical marker denoting the project area’s importance shall be erected in an appropriate area to be chosen in consultation with the ALSHPO.  The historical marker text will also be finalized in consultation with the ALSHPO.

An Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage nomination form will be completed and submitted to the Alabama Historical Commission so that the former Sloss North complex can be placed on the Alabama Register.