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City Urges $9 Million for 9 Districts Paving Initiative (9 for 9)


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April Odom
Mayor’s Office of Public Information

City Urges $9 Million for 9 Districts Paving Initiative (9 for 9)

For the last week, the City of Birmingham has urged citizens to weigh in on how to spend $5 Million proposed by the Mayor to go to Neighborhood revitalization efforts including demolition of abandoned homes and weed abatement throughout the community. That proposal will go before the budget and finance committee on Monday and before the full Council on Tuesday, June 14th.

While logging the hundreds of calls from citizens, street paving was mentioned as often as the demolition of structures as a neighborhood priority. The phase II bond project includes $9 Million set aside for street paving. That $9 Million has been available since December and is ready to be utilized as soon as the City Council votes on and approves the list of streets to be paved. The City cannot move forward without Council approval.

“Paving is a critical need for the City and we want to hear once again from the Citizens,” said Mayor Bell.

Let us know the worst streets in the City that need to be paved and urge your City Councilor to move forward on finalizing the paving list so we can get started. Contact (205) 254-2294 or (205) 254-2823, email, or #9for9 via social media.

“This is an urgent request and we are ready to get started. We want to get as many streets done as we can during the summer and fall while the weather is in our favor,” said Andre Bittas, Director of Planning, Engineering and Permits.