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Neighborhood Leaders Call For Development in Crossplex Area

Media Advisory


April Odom

Mayor’s Office of Public Information

Neighborhood Leaders Call For Development in Crossplex Area

City leaders will once again go before the City Council’s newly formed Economic Development and Budget and Finance committee to gain approval for a multi-million dollar mixed use development surrounding the Birmingham Crossplex, the City’s world renowned sports facility featuring the world class Mondo track. This will be the City’s 4th attempt to gain approval.

Neighborhood leaders have weighed in with their support of development in the area.

Mrs. Dianne Cain, President of Belview Heights Neighborhood Association stated, “The need to develop in and around the Crossplex will help the community stipulate the  economy.  With an anticipated  increase in activities at the Crossplex this would be a steady boost to the community. The need for  transportation to the community, more restaurants, and a hotel located near the interstate 20/59 to accommodate the masses.”

The CrossPlex had a busy weekend hosting the first ever Conference Clash, featuring 8 SEC Schools and 7 schools representing the remaining 4 power conferences.  Over 3000 athletes and spectators were present both Saturday and Sunday.

“This district is our most densely populated yet underserved,” said Mayor William Bell. “We are doing our best to present a unique and full featured development that will rival any statewide. We are listening to what the neighborhoods have said they want and need,” he continued.

“Development in an around the Crossplex will spark Economic Development in the business and residential sectors. It will stabilize our community, and help to reduce the negative image of blight,” said Dora Sims, long time community activist and President Five Points West Community.

“We will keep trying. We know the area is in need and we are thankful for the community stakeholders for not giving up and pushing us to get a development that the region will utilize,” said the Mayor.

The City Council’s Economic Development and Budget and Finance Committee will meet today at 4:00 pm at City and will include the Office of Economic Development’s third round of detailed responses to the Council’s questions.