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Mayor Accepts City Council Budget for Fiscal Year 2016

The Mayor’s Office today announced that the Council’s proposed budget will be accepted “as is” and on next week’s City Council agenda.
“Each member of City Council has taken an active role and really listened to the needs of the City. We are excited to see them really engage in the process and listen to the needs of the community. Since May, we have gone to them with various proposals on how to get more money into the neighborhood clean-up effort. To finally have everyone on the same page and ready to work is a huge sign of progress for our City,” said Mayor William Bell.

Ordinances are currently being prepared for next week’s agenda and after adoption will be loaded into the City’s financial systems within 48 hours. The Mayor has already authorized additional personnel, Saturday grass cutting crews and longer public works hours to amplify the clean-up efforts.

“We appreciate all the work by everyone involved in reaching a compromise that balances the needs of the neighborhoods, basic City services and the well-being of our employees,” Mayor Bell continued.