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City Ends Fiscal Year with over $5 Million Surplus

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April Odom
Mayor’s Office of Public Information

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 City Ends Fiscal Year with over $5 Million Surplus

 Thanks to a spike in Business Licenses and lower than projected fuel costs, the City of Birmingham will see a $5 million surplus for this fiscal year. The City’s fiscal year ends tomorrow with Fiscal Year 2016 starting July 1. Mayor Bell will present items on Tuesday’s Council agenda to allocate the money for new vehicles for the Police and Fire Departments ($1.5 Million), additional monies for weed abatement ($1.2 Million) and additional funding for the demolition of abandoned homes and structures ($1.593 Million).

 “The neighborhoods and communities are the priority. We wanted to be sure that this money went where we need it most, public safety and neighborhood needs,” said Mayor William Bell.

 The City Council will vote on the items during tomorrow’s Council meeting. Funds will be transferred to Fund 102 Capital Improvement and can roll into the next Fiscal Year.