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Public Hearing November 18, 2014


N O T I C E   O F  P U B L I C  H E A R I N G

Notice is hereby given that at its meeting beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 in the Council Chamber on the Third Floor of Birmingham City Hall, the Council of the City of Birmingham will hold a public hearing pursuant to Ala. Code, 1975, Section 11-89C-9(a), to consider the approval of a proposed storm water protection ordinance that authorizes procedures for the detection and elimination of illicit discharges of pollutants to the City’s municipal separate storm water sewer system. Provisions of the ordinance to be considered include prohibition of illicit discharges and illicit connections to the City’s MS4; required compliance with state and federal Clean Water Act permitting requirements for persons discharging to the City’s MS4, including best management practices; authorization for inspection and sampling to investigate sources of contamination of the MS4; required notification of accidental spills and discharges; enforcement procedures and penalties; and creation of  a storm water appeals board.

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Storm Water Protection Ordinance – Final For Public Hearing (226 KiB)