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IBM Engagement is Underway

July 17, 2014
Media Advisory
April Odom
Having secured an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge grant,Birmingham demonstrated once again that it is a great Southern city with terrific potential.The official Kickoff Meeting was held on Tuesday, July 8th. Since that time, the IBM team has already begun meeting with stakeholders from across the City. The IBM team will continue to meet with community stakeholders in the coming weeks to assess ways more affordable, healthy food options might be made available to residents as part of our revitalization efforts.On July 25, the IBM experts will recommend specific steps that can be taken in cooperation with community stakeholders.
“We’re generating momentum;” stated Mayor William A. Bell, Sr. “IBM’s assistance will help us continue the positive results that are already underway.”“It is a pleasure to host the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team to gain a valuable outside perspective on what we can do to fold all of our potential into an actionable plan for greater success,” said Mayor Bell.###