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Fire Inspections Bureau

Phone: 205-250-7540 for emergencies 911

The Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Department's Fire Inspections Bureau conducts fire inspections on existing buildings and on new construction. The Bureau is dedicated to protecting the life and property of our citizens through the prevention of fire.

Annually, the Department conducts more than 3,300 inspections on the following occupancy types: apartments, assembly, board and care, business, detention, education, healthcare, hotel industrial, lodging and rooming, storage, mercantile, day care and residential. Technical inspections on fire mains, sprinklers, fire alarms, hoods, AST/US T installations are also made annually.

Additionally, the Fire Inspections Bureau conducts fire drills at the Birmingham City Schools, issues special events permits, and works with the Birmingham Water Works Board to issue fire hydrant use permits that allow contractors, etc., special use privileges.