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Administrative Services

Phone: 205-254-2992 for emergencies 911

The Administrative Services Division provides a support system for this department in the following areas: Human Resources Management, Financial Planning, Grant Administration and Administrative Management. Human Resources Management consists of payroll, position control, processing of disciplinary actions, and the acquisition and orientation of new employees. In addition, this Division oversees personnel transactions including hiring, promotions, step increases and personnel transfers.

Financial Planning includes budget formulation, presentation and monitoring, forecasting of capital needs of the department, and payment for goods and services received. Administration maintains personnel files; stores and retrieves electronic personnel data; monitors and updates standards, policies and procedures; and receives and disseminates information. We also direct and review assignments and the performance of our staff. The administrative staff strives daily to live up to the department’s motto: "Excellence through Service".

The City’s Bond Funds and grants is a major factor in the procurement of needed equipment for the department. We will continue to identify problem areas and implement plans and initiatives to enhance our services and the safety of our firefighters.